War Strategy & Rules


- Attacks within the first 8-12 hours must be a 2-star gowipe or gowiwi style ground attack unless approved by one of the leaders as an exception. There is no rule to attack your own number. Pick a base you feel comfortably getting two stars within a few bases of your number.

- To reserve a base, please sign up for an account on http://clash.tools and join the Black Juice clan. You can assign yourself a base so you can prepare your troops without worrying about others taking it.

- You are encouraged to do a 3-star style attack later in war. If you are very comfortable with 3-star attacks, and cannot attack later in war, you can attack early in war on a scouted base. Please coordinate with the leaders.

- If you’re not comfortable executing three star strategies, you can use both your attacks in the first half of war with a two-star gowipe or gowiwi style attack.

- Once the bases have been mostly two starred, you can perform a 3-star attack on a base. Check with leaders and others for approval and attack planning.

It is MANDATORY that you do NOT perform a 3-star attack on a base that has not been scouted in the beginning of war. There will be exceptions so please check with one of the leaders for approval.

I cannot stress this even more that this is the reason why we have won many wars recently following this new strategy. So being sloppy with this and not following our war strategy will inevitably result in war losses.


The purpose of the war penalty is not to punish anyone. It is to get people to pay attention to the rules because I don’t believe people in Black Juice intentionally violate the rules. I have sent out several messages and still some have either forgotten or never read the messages I sent.

1. Anyone who does not following the above war strategy will be opted out the following war.

2. If it’s the 2nd time you will be opted out of 2 wars.

3. If it’s the 3rd time you will be opted out of 3 wars.

3. If done the 4th time you will be kicked from the clan, but I believe you know you should be kicked if not listening for the 4th time.


War bases are crucial to war success as we all know. I have made some basic rules regarding the war bases.

1. If you have been 3-starred by an enemy of the same TH level, you must check with a leader if your base needs to be changed (there are some cases where a base change is not required).

2. If you do not have a base approved by a leader, you will be opted out of war until the base is changed.