The Defectors Defeated

Black Juice vs The Defectors

We were matched up with a very active clan! The enemy clan in this war was tough. This was a very intense war that had every member of our clan on the edge of their feet!

They started strong but we then took the lead for a bit. The enemy slowly came back and and we had a one-star lead with 30 minutes left! The entire clan was on the edge of their feet waiting for the final attacks. We had some attacks at the end which sealed the lead and had our entire clan very excited! It was a great day for the Black Juice clan!

The final score was 67-64. Awesome victory guys!


  1. Cara_defectors says

    Great War Black Juice. Closest one we have had. Broke our win streak so hats off to you all on a fun and active war.

  2. krussellm says

    Thank you Cara! Yeah it was a good war and very close. Very nice comment. I changed the headline since you guys are cool, haha.

  3. Yango says

    It was a great war with you guys, THE DEFECTOR! We haven’t had this close in war for a while! You guys are definitely worthy opponents. Best of luck to your clan… and remember, CLASH ON, FELLOWS!

  4. says

    Hola amiwos! Was a great fight. You got me 2h likes to the ipad. Nice fight, and its nice you post a comment here! Love u all from Black juice mexican player!

  5. Sdub says

    Black Juice. You guys are without a doubt one of the strongest clans we have fought. Awsome team work and strategy. Those stinkin bombs and traps were the death of us. You guys rock. Keep up the great team work and good luck keeping your victories going. Sdub63. Leader.

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