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  1. Queen Carmella says

    I was a lost player looking for a clan with mature people who know how to have fun. And alas I do clan search on google and see black juice, I gave them a try and I have only been in the clan under two weeks and I am having so much fun. I have participated in two wars and it’s refreshing to know your teammates are as dedicated as you. TO WINNING WARS AND RAIDING!!!

  2. Yango says

    Black Juice is THE clan that you will ever be looking for! Besides awesome clan member supports, great clan cc donations, the clan is 100% serious about doing clan wars. We are HUGE warmongers, haha, and have over 90% war participation for each war! I am having a splendid time in here, and everyone is a part of a huge family. GO BLACK JUICEEEEE!

  3. says

    This clan is great!MUST JOIN!THERES PRIZES!Wars are fun and serious!When your looking for mature guys who knows the cracks here they are!Great clan i give 10/10 only two days in

  4. Jake says

    Black juice is the clan to be in! I have been here for quite some time and have loved every minute of it. Clan wars are a blast because everyone gives it their all! Donations are great and the clan castles are always full. I was lost going from clan to clan searching for the right one… and I found the perfect clan for me! Mature members and a friendly helpful community have kept me here for a long time and will continue to keep me here. Looking to join? Apply TODAY!!!! You will not regret it!

  5. says

    Black Juice clan is the place to be. Everyone here takes the game and the clan serious and does everything they can to assist you whenever possible. The best clan on the planet. You want troops they got you, you wanna war they got you. Thanks to everyone in the Black Juice clan. To the top we go,

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