Offensive Attack Planning

Black Juice is going to designate players as “3-Star Attackers”. This is not meant to be offensive or say that they are better. We are simply going to use the skills of each player to optimize the amount of stars we get during war.

Two stars are extremely important in war. In the past 8-9 wars, the majority of our clan has been attempting mainly 3-star attacks with not much success. This is the reason we have lost many wars as we don’t get at least 2 stars per base as we used to. We used to win about 5/6 wars, now we are winning about 1/2 wars because of this.

There are a few people who have successfully used 3-star strategies. I am designating the following people as “3-Star Attackers” of their same TH level. These are the only people who can use 3-star strategies on their own TH level. Obviously most TH9′s can three star TH8′s and TH10′s can three star TH9′s so I am not including those. Everyone else must use a solid 2-star strategy such as gowipe, gowiwi, etc.


If you feel you should be on this list, please explain in chat.

In order for people to become 3-star attackers, we’re allowing one person each war as an exception to try three star attack strategies as a trial. If it doesn’t work out, you will remain doing regular attacks until you are chosen again in the future to try it out. We will cycle through all the players and chose one person each war.


  1. CraveTheRave says

    BDA a quadrolavaloon attack for 2 stars and Gowiwi attack would also be good 2 star attack options

  2. beasts says

    Opinion….think it may help on match ups to add 5-10 TH8′s to the clan. That meet the war star criteria. Also would give a cushion for the newer th9 guys, if th8 guys aren’t cleaning up.

  3. krussellm says

    BDA, anything that has the highest possibility to get 2 stars with less risk of 0 or 1 star. Ever since we have introduced OneHive attacks we have been getting a lot of 1 star attacks because they weren’t working out. Gowipe, gowiwi, lava loon, and anything that directly attacks the TH and gets 50 pct. OneHive is the reason we have been losing more because too many people trying it. We need to balance our two star attacks and three star attacks. We were doing awesome when we just focused on two star attack wars before OneHive was introduced. If we separate the two-star attacker and three-star attackers we can create the right balance and win a lot more wars. In no way is it meant to be offensive or say that two star attackers are less than the 3 star attackers. The goal is to win the war. Without the two star attack foundation, we will continuously lose.

  4. says

    Ok. I do agree with the desire to win and creating strategies, but I don’t see myself improving by not practicing more difficult and innovative attacks. After this war, I’m going to take a break from black juice and practice until I become more proficient at these more risky attacks. When this happens, I would very much like to return to black juice and bring the pain.

  5. krussellm says

    BDA, you are welcome to just do 3-star strategies and practice them here. The strategy is for the clan as a whole to utilize our three star and two star attacks to win war. If you are extremely passionate about learning the new strategies then I say go for it. Especially since you have been watching videos and trying to learn. One person won’t make a difference if it fails so go ahead and use three star attacks. I’m sure it will pay off in the next few wars if you keep practicing. Maybe you can do one two star and one three star attempt every war and just stick with that every war. We just can’t have everyone do that. But since you are watching videos and passionate to learn it, just do that and will it will not be a problem.

    • says

      If all goes well in this war, I’d love a shot at onehiving #9, but it’s okay if I dont. It’s your show and I’ll follow your lead.

  6. says

    I’ve been doing a lot of “homework”, and according to a bunch of forums, the winning clans are doing war attacks with mainly holowiwi and quadra/pentaloons, getting an overwhelmingly good percentage of 3star attacks. Just food for thought.

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