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Black Juice Clan Rules

Clan Rules

1. You are encouraged to participate in wars as we do them back to back. If you are upgrading heroes or need to sit out for personal reasons this is fine.

2. Be polite to other members of the clan. If you have an issue with one of them bring it up to one of the co-leaders or leader.

3. There is currently no requirement on the amount of troops you must donate per season. However we do expect you to donate to other clan members and you will be evaluated based on troop donation and war activity.

4. As a clan we are constantly striving to get better. If you are having trouble farming resources to build your base, need help learning how to get stars in wars or need any other advice, there are guides on this website that covers the majority of it or feel free to ask in clan chat. We are always willing to help.

5. We are currently in farming mode. The goal is to reach the highest echelons of Clash of Clans. Trophies are not important to us currently. We expect you to level up with us.

6. You must be upgrading your base by maxing out the defenses for your town hall as much as you can before upgrading to the next town hall. We will not accept you in the clan if you have a rushed town hall.

7. The leader has zero tolerance of people who threaten to leave for leverage because they think he cares about their high trophies or high level. If you threaten to leave to get something from the leader or to protect your friends in the clan, you will be kicked right then and there along with any friends you have in the clan. It does not matter what level or how many trophies you have.

8. The leader does not give out co-leader to anyone unless he personally feels that you deserve it based on months and months of dedication and the indication that you show proper leadership. Do not ever ask for co-leader because he will simply decline your request. All the current co-leaders have never asked once to be one. All co-leaders are extensions of the leader position in terms of what members are part of the clan. This means that any decisions the co-leader makes to kick people cannot be overridden by the leader.

Earning Elder:

To become a clan elder it must be earned by 800 donations and participating in three wars. You can also receive elder by being in the clan for one month with decent donations. Once you have received elder you may email to join the EveryMe app for internal elder discussions. You must notify the leader that you are sending this email in the game chat first.

Clan War Rules

1. Not using at least one of your attacks in a clan war will get you removed from the clan. If we win, you are safe with just one attack. If we lose, and shows that you did not attack twice, you will be kicked from the clan. Just keep in mind that not attacking the 2nd time puts you at risk of getting kicked if the enemy makes a comeback.

2. Not using a clan war troop attack strategy, and continuously failing to get stars will get you removed. See CLAN WARS ATTACK STRATEGIES page for how to attack.

3. Not having a war base will get you removed from the clan. We classify a war base as a base that protects your town hall and defenses (as opposed to a regular base which protects your resources). See the CLAN WAR BASES page for how to build your war base.

4. Town hall sniping will get you removed from the clan. This is when you attack a high-level enemy base with the intention of just getting resources as opposed to stars. Depending on the status of the war, you may ask to town hall snipe. This can only be approved by the leader or a co-leader. If it shows a pattern that you consistently wait for the war to end to see if you can TH snipe, you will be kicked from the clan.

5. We expect you to attack enemy bases that are within your level range and war rank. Attacking a low-level base when you are high level may get you kicked. Attacking a high-level base when you obviously have no chance as a low level may get you kicked.


Requirements for Joining Black Juice

1. Minimum level 80.

2. Archer troops level 5 or above.

3. Can participate in war always but opt out if heroes upgrading.

4. Can actively donate troops to other clan members (there is currently no minimum required).

5. Are actively leveling and farming, unless you are max level or close to it.

6. No rushed town halls allowed.

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