Farming Attack/Troop Strategy

We all know how hard it is to collect and maintain a large stash of gold, elixir and dark elixir. Whether your a lvl 90 or a lvl 10, farming is a very important aspect to Clash of Clans. This section will cover a very cheap troop set-up so you can get in on having unlimited amounts of elixir and gold. Also a very helpful tip get a massive amount of resources every time!

Troop Set-up

Farming Troops

Optional: 1 Rage Spell, 1 Lightning Spell, 1 Healing Spell

By the way the troop set-up is set at 200

How to Use:

You send about 3-5 Goblins to each mine or pump outside the base then you send all of your Giants to distract outer defenses on the first layer then you send in Wall Breakers to blow a Giant hole leading into the inside of the base were the storages are. Then send Archers to deal more damage to the to the defenses and distract them as well and then send the rest of your Goblins in to completely loot the place dry of all resources. Depending on the base you’re attacking you may need to drop a rage spell when you’re trying to bust their walls (if you are trying to get to their resource containers).



What you look for are villages that have there pumps and mines stuffed to the brim. The biggest give-away when you find one of these is when the gold and elixir amount are nearly equal in amount of gold and elixir or are a flat number with a massive amount of loot with none of which are in the storages. (Hint: Be very careful when you try this on a guy with a Town Hall lvl 9 as the four storages may appear “empty” even though they may have a lot in them.)


Hit “Find Match” until you find a base with at least 100k+ of the resource you want, usually this is gold.

Farming How To Videos:

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