Enemy Base #13




  1. Maurice says

    I would recommend hog strategy (only with lv4+ Hogs). Of course use your own strategy if you aren’t comfortable with hogs. When using hogs I suggest to bring a few extra (3) Hogs and 1 Wallbreaker to take care of the Giant Bombs.
    Place 1 Hog on the South (a little bit to the left of the pink southern wall).
    Place another Hog exactly between the Gold Mine and Elixer Pump on the North.
    Than, place 1 Hog exactly near the Army Barrack on the West-Side of the base (so that the hog will run to the skull-trap and than to the giant bomb).
    Lastly, bring 1 Wallbreaker (less capacity than 1 Hog) and place it on the East-Side of the base so that i will run to the Giant Bomb.
    Good luck!

    • Maurice says

      Oh yeah, don’t forget to lure CC troops when using Hogs! (4 Heal spells recommended, only placed when the hogs have less than half of their health).

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