War Strategy – Reddit Hydrogen

This is a tough enemy so it’s very important that we stick to this war strategy.

The first 12 hours of the war all the TH9′s must focus on bases 15 through 25 until they are three starred. You may attempt to 3-star 16 and higher once 15-25 are complete.

All TH8′s must use their attacks to scout for other players. It is very unlikely that the TH8′s will three star the TH9′s so it’s best to use your attacks to help other players on higher bases. You must ask in chat which bases should be scouted.

The TH10′s will focus on the TH10 bases and clean up later in war..

For the last 12 hours, once the TH9′s have completed their attacks on the lower bases, the TH10′s will start with the highest TH9 not three starred and work their way up.