Congrats to our Season 1 War Champion!

The contest for season 1 is over, and the winner is…


With a total of 19 stars!

Here is what he won:

Season 1 Champion - Weichern1128

Onwards to season 2! Good luck everyone, and read the updated contest rules below!

Season 2 War Champion, Contest Rules:

1. The clan member with the highest amount of stars gained during each 1 month season of clan wars wins the above t-shirt (custom sized), and a special place in the annals of Black Juice lore.

2. A season will last 1 month (there is no limit to the amount of wars that can occur in each month/season).

3. In the event of a tie, TROOP DONATIONS over the same 1 month period will be used to break the tie.

4. The t-shirt cannot be won twice, if you do win the contest a second time you will receive a $25 iTunes gift card in place of the t-shirt!

5. The winner must email his/her mailing address to if they want the prize.

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