Clan War Rules Added

Black Juice Clan RulesHere are the rules we came up with for clan wars, we expect everyone to follow them by the end of the next clan war (Saturday, June 21st). There will be zero exceptions.

Clan War Rules

1. Not using both of your attacks in a clan war will get you removed from the clan.

2. Not using a clan war troop attack strategy, and continuously failing to get stars will get you removed. See CLAN WARS ATTACK STRATEGIES page for how to attack.

3. Not having a war base will get you removed from the clan. We classify a war base as a base that protects your town hall and defenses (as opposed to a regular base which protects your resources). See the CLAN WAR BASES page for how to build your war base.

4. Town hall sniping will get you removed from the clan. This is when you attack a high level enemy base with the intention of just getting resources as opposed to stars.

5. We expect you to attack enemy bases that are within your level range and war rank.

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