Fields of green

Check out this war log! Had to take 2 screenshots to get all the green! Much of this happened while I was on hiatus – I’m sure that’s no coincidence! But the winning has continued despite my recent return. Keep it up Black Juice!!

Fenix Top Hits Rock Bottom

Black Juice really flexed its muscles in this war, earning 3 stars on fully half of the enemy’s bases. Great attacks all around, highlighted by 6 total stars from Ntekoatao, Maurice and Serina! Nice job everyone, this was a fun war from beginning to end. Well on our way to Clan Level 3 and some […]

One Shot – They gave us their best shot

Our first 20vs20 war in quite some time. These guys fought hard! It’s always more fun when the war is close, and this one certainly was. In the end we had more 3 star raids and we took the win, our 60th. 25 more Clan XP and we get our first clan perk. Let’s go […]

Nteko Atao’s “loon 6″

Our very own ntekoatao created this amazing work, a surrealistic take on coc’s lvl 6 balloon. Great stuff nteko!! He’s also got a submission in the Natural Cannibus High Art competition. You can vote for his work using your facebook account here. And if you can’t get enough of his work, check his portfolio on […]