Close win over ~Weapon X~

Not our best effort on offense, but we pulled out just enough stars to beat a strong 100 win clan! Black Juice had the lead throughout, but seemed like these guys were saving their attacks for the end of the war. They made a mad rush with 3 raids in the final minute, but it […]

Tucos Cousins Scared off by Black Juice

Maybe it was their strategy to hold their attacks till the end, but it did not work on us. In a 25 vs 25 war we had over 50 stars before they even attacked. By the time they made their first attack it was clear they had already lost. In the end they only used […]

Hispanic War? Maybe try peace

Their name – Hispanos Guerra – means “Hispanic War”. We suggest they search for peace. They mustered just a single 3 star raid and that came with 42 minutes left in war, delivered by their #5 player, a near max th9 against our #23 – a strong th8! Meanwhile we managed to three star 13 […]

The Enemy Empire has Fallen

This clan looked tough and we thought it would be a good match. They barely tried to attack us and we absolutely destroyed them! This was a great war and showed our strength! We had 14 three star attacks! Excellent war attacks everyone!