We Revamped Like a Champ

This week saw us matched up against some angry bros, AKA “Revamped Rage”. Apparently they weren’t angry enough, and what’s the best way to rage? Well to face us in clan wars. Obviously. The Juice started off strong as usual gaining 71 stars in the first 6 hours, we went up by 50 stars and […]

Asia Gets a Taste of the Black Juice

The Juice got matched up against a fairly tough clan from the great plains of Asia, Clan MissALove. A terrifying clan name which had us shivering in our booties (JK). In all seriousness, they had won 16 previous wars, so they were not to be taken lightly. Black Juice quickly jumped out to a 21 […]

Patriots Take a Beating… On Memorial Day

The Blackest Juice got matched up against the Patriots on Memorial Day, what seemed like a comical coincidence given the holiday quickly turned into an ass beating, and that my friends is never comical… well unless you’re winning. Tied after 20 attacks, The Juice quickly pulled away by 30 stars and won by 21. Grats […]