Fields of green

Check out this war log! Had to take 2 screenshots to get all the green! Much of this happened while I was on hiatus – I’m sure that’s no coincidence! But the winning has continued despite my recent return. Keep it up Black Juice!!

Oh Canada

mroizo, where were your countrymen this war? You can be proud of your Black Juice brethren, even if the canadian clan we faced did not make you proud. I on the otherhand, as witnessed by the screenshot showing war loot of a whopping 0, feel only personal shame but great joy to be in a […]

Close win over ~Weapon X~

Not our best effort on offense, but we pulled out just enough stars to beat a strong 100 win clan! Black Juice had the lead throughout, but seemed like these guys were saving their attacks for the end of the war. They made a mad rush with 3 raids in the final minute, but it […]