Asia Gets a Taste of the Black Juice

Black Juice vs Missa Love War Results

The Juice got matched up against a fairly tough clan from the great plains of Asia, Clan MissALove. A terrifying clan name which had us shivering in our booties (JK). In all seriousness, they had won 16 previous wars, so they were not to be taken lightly. Black Juice quickly jumped out to a 21 star lead and never looked back, within 4 hours we had 63 stars. Huge congrats to everyone on the win, there were fourteen 3 star attacks! Also, congrats to mohd and SarinP5 for being heroic studs!

Introducing The MEGA JUICED! Award

There are clearly some bros juicing around here. This will be a weekly award given out to any clan member who gets 6 stars during a clan war. So without further ado, we give you…







weichern1128 Attacks:

Krussellm Attacks:


  1. SuperJoe says

    Tim! My name is Joe Katich and I accidentally hit the wrong button and left Black Juice. I had been a member for about 3 months (level 69) and had countless 3 star raids in war. I just dropped to Silver I in order to gain loot to upgrade my defenses but now I can’t get back in because I don’t have 1200 trophies!

    Can you help me?

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