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Black Juice Clan Rules

Clan Rules

1. You must participate in the weekly clan wars (war prep starts every Thursday at 5 PM PST). If you can’t make a war please let us know. Town hall sniping high-level bases just to get resources during war is not allowed.

2. Be polite to other members of the clan. If you have an issue with one of them bring it up to one of the co-leaders or leader.

3. There is currently no requirement on the amount of troops you must donate per season. However we do expect you to donate to other clan members and you will be evaluated based on troop donation and war activity.

4. As a clan we are constantly striving to get better. If you are having trouble farming resources to build your base, need help learning how to get stars in wars or need any other advice, there are guides on this website that covers the majority of it or feel free to ask in clan chat. We are always willing to help.

5. We are currently in farming mode. The goal is to reach the highest echelons of Clash of Clans. Trophies are not important to us currently. We expect you to level up with us. Expect the minimum level requirement to increase based on our leader’s level (Usually within 25 levels of Krussellm). The current level requirement is 70.

ATTENTION Elders or Anyone Wanting to Become an Elder:

6. To become a clan elder you must donate at least 800 troops in one season (two weeks). To maintain elder status you must donate 600 troops per season (every 2 weeks).

Clan War Rules

1. Not using both of your attacks in a clan war will get you removed from the clan.

2. Not using a clan war troop attack strategy, and continuously failing to get stars will get you removed. See CLAN WARS ATTACK STRATEGIES page for how to attack.

3. Not having a war base will get you removed from the clan. We classify a war base as a base that protects your town hall and defenses (as opposed to a regular base which protects your resources). See the CLAN WAR BASES page for how to build your war base.

4. Town hall sniping will get you removed from the clan. This is when you attack a high level enemy base with the intention of just getting resources as opposed to stars.

5. We expect you to attack enemy bases that are within your level range and war rank.



Clan Leader:



Tim Teebow

Clan Administration:

Super Joe


Tim Teebow
Super Joe


Clan Troll:



  1. Random mexican guy... says

    I think there is just one extra member on the clan. Gibby346 is expendable, you should let the handsome mexican guy kill him.

    Atte: who knows?

  2. Maumau says

    Ok people i cant get back to the clan! It says to me “you have to wont before joinung this clan” i mis u guys :(

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