The Iran War

Another clan waiting the last two hours to attack! This was obviously a strategy that has probably worked with other clans, but not Black Juice! We attacked from the beginning to the end regardless of whether they attacked or not. We destroyed these guys and won the Iran war!

Redwan Defeated

This enemy had the strategy of waiting until the end to attack. We fought hard from beginning to end as we always do. Despite their intimidating infernos in a bunch of town hall rushed bases, we beat the crap out of them! This was a great war that showed our strength! Great work everyone!

Ntekoatao is the Clan War Champion!

#1    Ntekoatao    51 Congratulations to our amazing clan member Ntekoatao!! He has awarded the Clan War Champion title! He fought hard and has an amazing 51 clan war points for this month! His prize is a $25 iTunes gift certificate! You kicked ass this last month Ntekoatao! Great job!