Masons of War Defeated

This was a tough clan to beat. We had a good start because of our early attackers but they eventually caught up. The game was tied in the end at 106. Our last attacks finished them off and we beat them 111 to 107! This was a great war and everyone was excited to have […]

Super Joe is the War Champion!

#1    Super Joe   44 Congratulations to our amazing clan member and co-leader Super Joe!! This is his second champion award! His prize is a $25 iTunes gift certificate! Thank you Joe for being an awesome player and co-leader! Also a bonus prize for Joe (photo that Joe took after received):

The Irish War

We were matched up against the Irish! Good thing the leader is half Irish or the Juice would have had no chance! All kidding aside, we destroyed these guys! It was a fun war and at times we thought they were going to make a heroic comeback! We succeeded with the final score of 97-70. […]

Disfunctional Defeated

This was a tough clan to beat! They had won 7 wars in a row and I think they were confident they would win. We started off strong and held the lead throughout the entire war. There was some tension in the end as we thought they would make a heroic comeback. But no, the […]