No Hablo Español

We are not sure what happened with this war! Actually we are sure! We completely annihilated them! As Super Joe says, hit fast and hit hard! That’s exactly what we did. It appears they gave up after our intimidation and obvious path to victory. There was no doubt we would win. The final score was […]

A Brand New Victory

The Juice absolutely destroyed this clan. We had about 5-6 three-star attacks within the first fifteen minutes of the war. It appeared as if they gave up at the very beginning because we hit fast and hit hard! Their will was broken. The final score was 81-27. We had 25 three-star attacks! This was an […]

We Purged Their Ass

Yet another victory for Black Juice! We started off strong and we destroyed them all the way to the end! We took the lead very quickly as they took their time to attack. The new update was released halfway though the war from Clash of Clans not allowing for the heroes to be lured. Lucky […]

The Academy Got Schooled

This war was quite fun. We were threatened by their member ACS when he posted on our website saying “Sorry but you are going to lose a war!”. Him saying that made this an even more satisfying victory in the end. We started off weak because of a few failed attacks. I believe the enemy […]