The Juice Played Hard

When we first took a look at this clan, we realized it was similar to another clan we fought that destroyed us! Since then Black Juice has downsized, refined our techniques, and have grown since then. When we first started the war, both sides were three-starring one after the other. It was pretty much a […]

The Clan War Champion is Super Joe!

#1    Super Joe   45 Congratulations to our amazing clan member and co-leader Super Joe!! This was an epic month for the clan as we have destroyed everyone in our path. Super Joe was by far the best attacker with mostly six stars per war throughout the month! Super Joe has been awarded the clan champion […]

Pure Destruction

This clan was an easy clan to beat. We started off strong and attacked with no mercy to the end. It was pure destruction! The Juice is on a winning streak as we are destroying everyone in our path! We will never let up and fight to the end! The final score was 81-49. Awesome […]

The Defectors Defeated

We were matched up with a very active clan! The enemy clan in this war was tough. This was a very intense war that had every member of our clan on the edge of their feet! They started strong but we then took the lead for a bit. The enemy slowly came back and and […]