Who Has a Bigger Duong? We do

We were matched up with a clan that we did not think we would conquer, but we maintained our optimism and pushed forward relentlessly. This enemy clan won 26 wars previously, so we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. We started off strong because we attacked quickly. The enemy came back and took […]

The Juice Survived a Monkey Invasion

This war we thought we were going to be attacked by a pack of wild and crazy monkeys by the clan Marsh Monkies. It turns out that a pack of monkeys don’t have what it takes to take out the Black Juice clan. The Juice prevailed. The Juice completely annihilated this clan from the start. […]

Clan War Rules Added

Here are the rules we came up with for clan wars, we expect everyone to follow them by the end of the next clan war (Saturday, June 21st). There will be zero exceptions. Clan War Rules 1. Not using both of your attacks in a clan war will get you removed from the clan. 2. […]

Congrats to our Season 1 War Champion!

The contest for season 1 is over, and the winner is… Weichern1128 With a total of 19 stars! Here is what he won: Onwards to season 2! Good luck everyone, and read the updated contest rules below! Season 2 War Champion, Contest Rules: 1. The clan member with the highest amount of stars gained during […]